I have 4 years of teaching experience at the undergraduate level and am passionate about engaging students with the world around them.

Through exposure to a breadth of educational philosophies and institutional missions, I have developed an inclusive view of education. I believe it is just as important to teach students foundational concepts that will allow them to be life-long learners and engaged citizens as it is to develop their career or major-specific knowledge and skills. Although different, I do not think that liberal and more vocationally-focused educational pedagogies have to be mutually exclusive. Consequently, I encourage inquiry and critical thinking in addition to inculcation of fundamentals and the development of marketable skills. It is having the ability to be both creative and practical that prepares students for meeting challenges in work and in life.

In my prior teaching experience I utilized flipped classroom techniques, hands-on or discussion-based learning, and experiential field-based learning opportunities to encourage student engagement. I have found collaborative learning strategies such as discussion and debate to be a particularly fun and meaningful way to push students to consider multiple perspectives on course topics, and field based learning is a great way to solidify the connection between the classroom and the “real world.”

A sometimes forgotten part of teaching is mentorship of students. This may be providing guidance to students in distilling their interests, balancing extracurricular demands, or outlining a course of study that will allow them to meet their post-graduation goals. I have had the pleasure of seeing students go on to both jobs and more advanced study, and have found student mentorship and sharing in student success to be one of the most rewarding aspects of a teaching position.


Courses Taught
Salt Lake Community College
— Physical Geography 1000*
— Natural Hazards 1700*
— Intro to GIS 1800
— Intermediate GIS 1820
*Denotes class was taught online as well as in a traditional classroom setting. I had the opportunity to develop and run the first online version of the Physical Geography course.

Oregon State University (TA)
— Surface of the Earth 102 (Lab)
— Climatology 323 (Recitation)
— Cartography 360 (Lab)