Science Communication

Recognizing the importance of science outreach and communicating science to a broader audience, in 2017 I wrote a summer interview series in a local newspaper highlighting some of the scientists conducting research at the Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory. Additional science communication and outreach have been in the form of response letters and science interpretation, as well as giving talks and interviews to general audiences and media outlets concerning my own research.

Links to the Crested Butte News summer interview series can be found below and will be updated as new articles are published:
Gabi Pinho, Marmot behavior, 30 June 2017
Bridget Sparrow-Scinocca & Rita Armitage, Caddisfly species co-existence, 7 July 2017
Dr. Paul CaraDonna, Plant-pollinator interactions, 14 July 2017
Dr. Carol Boggs, Butterfly reproduction, 21 July 2017
Dr. Ross Conover, White-crowned sparrows and blood-borne parasites, 28 July 2017
Dr. John Harte, Climate change and alpine meadows, 4 August 2017
Dr. Lesil Peterson, Pika and environmental change, 11 August 2017
CBCS Student, Field experience for high school students, 18 August 2017
Dr. Jane Ogilvie, Flowering monitoring and pollinator ecology, 1 September 2017