Mister Gunny set out for the great game of fetch in the sky in November 2017, but for now his page lives on.

Born on the mean streets of Delta, Colorado and adopted from the pound on a fateful spring day in 2004, Gunny is a Western Slope dog through and through. Despite having way too much fur for the heat, he loves the desert just as much as he loves the cool air of the high country. He made the most of his Northwest travels, but just like his people he is glad to be back in sunnier climes.

Version 2

Fishing the Lochsa in 2014. Oh hey, nice catch there Tom. Can play with it now?

Age: 13    Weight: ~60lbs (mostly fur)    Breed: Husky, German Shepherd, Other (we think) Aliases: Mister, Mister Gunny, Gunnison, Gilbert
Likes: rabbits, fetch, sticks, snow baths, knee-deep water, antlers, stupid human tricks, stealing people food (especially beer & salmon), dirt roads, and peanut butter treats      
Dislikes: vacuums, sneezing, being brushed, regular baths, stupid dog tricks, being on leash, broccoli, and when his people go on trips without him (including but not limited to: trips to national parks, mountain bike rides, and the grocery store)


Lovin’ the sunshine and red rocks. The leash not so much. Sand Canyon 2012